Ministries serve as vibrant avenues for spiritual growth, community engagement, and service. Rooted in the teachings of Christ, our ministries encompass a diverse array of opportunities tailored to meet the multifaceted needs of our congregation and beyond.

Whether you’re seeking fellowship, seeking to deepen your understanding of faith, or eager to extend a helping hand to those in need, our ministries provide a welcoming space for individuals to connect, learn, and serve together, fostering a sense of belonging and purpose within our church family.

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Audio Visual

The Audio Visual Ministry helps facilitate communication and networking through various forms of media – not to entertain, but to help connect and deliver the Word of God to everyone.

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The Care Ministry provides care and support for members during times of need, such as illness, bereavement, or welcoming newborns. The team helps with food drop off and care packages. Please contact us if you are in need of support.

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The Children’s Ministry nurtures children to develop a healthy relationship with God by teaching and preaching God’s word. It also empowers parents to be the main spiritual caregiver in the life of their children.

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The Finance Ministry manages the church finances.  The team supports Bridgeway’s vision by providing timely and accurate financial reports to the church and its various ministries.

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Life Groups

A life group is a small gathering of people who meet on a regular basis to deepen their communion with God and to grow in intimacy and accountability with one another.

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Outreach & Missions

ADAM HOUSE – We offer friendship, hope and support to refugees.
GLOBAL MISSIONS – We engage in various ways to outreach to our global community.


Bridgeway Church has many members who are musically inclined. We encourage you to join us in leading the congregation to worship God through music.

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Welcoming & Hospitality

The Welcoming and Hospitality Ministry facilitates a welcoming environment by encouraging fellowship, organizing refreshments, and helping newcomers get connected with the greater Bridgeway community.

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Young Adults

Young Adults Ministry (YAM) welcomes anyone between the ages of 17 and 30 and beyond. At this significant life stage, our desire is for young adults to live in the fullness of who God created them to be. We make space for them to become worshipers who live receiving and sharing life together in Him.


The Youth Ministry serve the youth so they may gain tools and experiences to transform childhood faith into their own. The key areas of focus are transforming socialization to relationships and releasing them into the world as disciples of Christ.

If you are interested in participating in any of our ministries, please come visit us and speak to a member of our leadership team!