Our Team

Mike Park


Youth Ministry

My name is Michael Park. First of all, I would like to clarify a certain fact. I am not the oldest
person at Bridgeway Church. I am the oldest active member of Bridgeway Church.
I have attended Mil Al Church since the beginning. We started in the basement of a church
located at Mount Pleasant. Bridgeway church didn't get its inaugural name till much later.

I have served our congregation from making sandwiches for our elderly church members, to
starting our first english ministry which only consisted of 7 members (age range was 9 to 25),
and now building and maintaining the construction of our church.

I have been given the gift of witnessing 2 generations of our church grow to what it is now. I truly
feel blessed, by the grace of God, that our next generation will lead our children and strengthen
their faith in the years to come.