Purity Matters

In chapter 7 Paul responds to the statement
“It is better for man to not have sex with a woman.”
Here you can see that Corinthian church was deeply divided.
“Some advocated marital celibacy while others were engaged in gross sexual immorality” (HCSB).

Paul makes it clear that celibacy is not the command of the Lord.
This is his personal preference based on his theological reasoning
and reading of his contemporary period. We can serve God as a single or in the marital context. We need to offer both to God.

Kids: Serving God with an undivided heart.
LG: Transitory or deliberate brief celibacy as a way to serve God.

Brokenness in the text: Human decision/condition
is the best way to serve God.
God’s grace: Jesus brought forward in time
future reality of heaven to here and now.

We can live for God with an undivided heart.
This means devoting greater time
to loving and serving people around us.
Mackenzie Lee