Believing in Resurrection II

1. How did Peter decided to obey and follow Jesus (John. 21:15-19)?

2. a) Is there something you love or “follow” more than Jesus?
b) What is it and why do you say that you love it more than Jesus?

We may believe in Jesus and what the Bible says but on Monday
we just go back to our work, school and things
that are most familiar to us.
We can have the most extravagant spiritual experience or uplifting sermons but we put them all aside as we go on with our regular life.
God redeems the disheartened and worn out heart
by restoring the true love in us.

Imagine sitting with God across the dining table
and he has prepared you a meal.
And he is showing you the things you return to instead of God.
And he asks you “________ do you love me more than these?”
What will you say? Take a moment to pray.
Mackenzie Lee