The Dignity of Work

God dignifies work.

God invites humans to have dominion over his creation.
If we bear the image of God, the likeness of God,
then shouldn’t we aspire to be rulers in our places of work?
Yes, but to what end? In Hebrew, “likeness,” “created,”
and even “dominion” all carry connotations of physical labour.

In fact, the word for “dominion” has its root meaning as “to scrape off” dirt with a tool. God is still at work today in our hearts
scraping off the dirt i.e. sanctification by the Holy Spirit.

His dominion in our lives has placed us into the work environments we find ourselves so that he may scrape our pride, our egos, our hardened hearts, our sins so that we can learn it is God who gives dignity and redemption to our work and we can be free from the anxieties
of trying to make our own lasting image.
Mackenzie Lee