Failure or Success?

The story of Jesus sending the two disciples to the village to bring a colt serves to demonstrate that Jesus was fully in control and sovereign over all of the events that would unfold during the final week leading up to his arrest and crucifixion. Jesus was not a hapless victim of political intrigue who unwittingly walked into a trap, but a savior who willingly laid down his life for us.

For the disciples and the people of Jerusalem who saw Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem as the moment of triumph, the subsequent betrayal, arrest, and death of Jesus would have seemed like the ultimate failure.
For Jesus, the betrayal, arrest, and death were all part of his sovereign plan of salvation for all of humanity, leading up to the ultimate triumph on the cross.

Brokenness in the text
The disciples misunderstood Jesus’ plan of salvation

Grace in the text
Jesus demonstrates his sovereignty over all situations

Similar brokenness in our world
We sometimes misunderstand God’s plan and see things as failures

Similar grace in our world
God helps us to trust in him despite our short-sightedness
Mackenzie Lee