Converting their Doubt

Getting to Know the Text
How did Peter and his companions know that Gentiles were converted (saved)?

Peter and his companions were convinced of Gentiles’ conversion when they recevied the Holy Spirit upon hearing the gospel message.

Relevance of the Text
How do we know that we are truly converted (saved)?

We are certain of our conversion when we receive the Holy Spirit upon hearing the gospel message.

Definition of conversion.
Convert = turn
Turn from their trajectory in an opposite direction.

Historical Context
“When Christianity was most potent, it grew through conversion. In other words, Christianity was not set of doctrines or set of practices one took up. Instead, it was a converting power that takes you up.”
Tim Keller

Key Points of the lesson
1. Conversion is for everyone.
2. Conversion requires hearing the gospel
3. Conversion comes through the Holy Spirit and not by works.
Mackenzie Lee