Exalted on the Cross

Main Point: Despite rejection and mockery, Jesus is exalted as the true King upon the cross.

Pilate and the religious leaders mock and reject Jesus as God and King and sentence him to death on the cross. The mention of day and time (Day of Preparation, sixth hour) is important because that’s the day and time when the Passover Lamb would be slaughtered for sacrifice. Likewise, the lack of details surrounding Jesus’ crucifixion in John’s gospel focuses on Jesus’ dignity in bearing his own cross for a humiliating and gruesome capital punishment typically reserved for criminals against the Roman empire. But the irony is that while God has been made a joke, Jesus’ kingship is now sealed as he’s lifted up on the cross to die bearing the sign “Jesus of Nazareth, the King of the Jews.” As the true King, Jesus is truly able to forgive/exonerate/absolve/free sinners through repentance and faith in him by sacrificing himself on the cross.

Application: Confessing our mockery and/or rejection of God as King and asking for his forgiveness at the foot of the cross.
Mackenzie Lee