Meet The Saviour

Main Question: How do we meet Jesus as the Saviour?

Answer: We meet Jesus as our Saviour through humble repentance.

God’s action that needs to be clearly communicated.

God forgives everyone who repents.

Meet the Saviour through true repentance.

1. What prevents PILATE from seeing Jesus as King?

2. What prevents JEWISH LEADERS (scribes, priests) from seeing Jesus as King?

3. What prevents the FIRST THIEF from seeing Jesus as King?

4. How does the SECOND THIEF “meet” Jesus as his Saviour?
Meditate on the thief’s speech and request to Jesus.
“Remember me when you come into your kingdom.”

5. What do you discover about God through Jesus’ response to the thief’s request?
“Today you will be with me in the paradise.”

6. What do we have to do to be forgiven?

Applying the Text
The typical response to sin is “I don’t need to repent. I didn’t do anything that bad. I am a good person.” But when we see Jesus interaction with daughters of Jerusalem Jesus says, “Daughters of Jerusalem, do not weep for me, but weep for yourselves and for your children.” What Jesus is saying is that there is a judgment coming and the only way to avoid that final judgment is to repent.

What does it take to wash away our sin? It required the death of God’s Son. And on the way to the cross, Jesus is still imploring people to turn from their sinful ways.
Mackenzie Lee