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Four Pillars Of Our Church

Gather (Evangelism)

Listen (Discipleship)

Respond (Fellowship)

Serve (Ministry & Missions)

gather - evangelism

Sunday Worship - service at 10:30 am

Worship of believers on Sunday is one of core practices of Christianity.  We come together to worship so that we can honour God, remind each other about godly living and deepen our friendship with one another.  If you are new to the church or Christianity this is a great place to start.  We invite you to join us. 

Walk Through Bridgeway Church

We would like to formally introduce ourselves to newcomers at Bridgeway Church.  Walk Through Bridgeway Church is developed so that we can introduce ourselves as well as for people to ask any questions they may have about us.

listen - discipleship

Gospel Message 101

A brief look at the core tenets of Christianity. Invitation to deeper knowledge of who God is and how to begin our journey with God.

Life (Small) Groups

It is a gathering for those who seek guidance and discussion of God’s working in their life.  The main topics are spiritual formation and devotion (prayer and word).


Catechism is teaching of who God is and how one is invited to live their life through their knowledge of God.

Catechism I: Knowing God (7 weeks)

Catechism II: Speaking to God (4 weeks)

Catechism III: Following Christ (4 weeks)

respond - fellowship


These are two sacraments Jesus instituted for the church.  They are an act which reveals our pledge to God and other believers.  Baptism is held twice a year on Easter and Christmas.


Each week we take part in communion to remember Christ and his work.


Membership Class is there to teach what it means to join a local church.  It also acquaints new comers to Bridgeway Church at greater detail.

serve - ministry & missions

Children’s Ministry

Children’s Ministry encourages children to develop a healthy relationship with God through teach and preaching the word.

However, their primary focus is to encourage parents to disciple their own children to have a life long spiritual disciplines and foundational biblical truth.

Diaconate Ministry

Diaconate ministry seeks mercy ministry opportunities in our community.


Hospitality Team embodies hospitality of God to all those that come into our community.

We welcome and help people to become familiar with Bridgeway Church.

Finance Team

Provides accounting and accountability to all matters of finance at Bridgeway Church.

Life Group Ministry

Life Group gathers to share a meal and edify each other.  Each Life Group meets at least once a month.  Group can choose to do a book study, discussions on the sermon, or choose any other appropriate ways to deepen their relationship with God and with each other.

Multimedia Team

Multi-media is responsible for creation and maintenance of Bridgeway Church website.

Technical Support Team

Technical Support Team provides expertise in operating audio/visual equipments during worship.

Y.A.M. (Young Adults Ministry)

Young Adults Ministry (Y.A.M.) seeks to provide community to life after High School (undergrads, post-grads, career seekers).  It also encourages them to know and join in on the life of the church.

Worship Team

Worship Team leads praise during our worship.  They seek to glorify God through singing and impart unique identity to the church as worshippers.